Anthony M. Fernandez
Executive Director

Anthony is a cradle Catholic, father of two, and a vocal advocate of Catholic Social Teaching. He is a PhD candidate in molecular biology who has, for the past 10 years, taken an interest in economics and finance. As the grandchild of men who suffered under the Communist Revolution and the Great Depression, he is keenly aware of the failures of liberal capitalism and socialism, and believes that authentic social teaching is crucial for evangelization and justice.

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Levi A. Russell, PhD
Fellow in Economics

Levi is a convert to the Catholic faith (2007), a husband, and father of 3 children. He is an academic economist who has published research in the areas of cooperative finance, the economics of risk, and political economy. A former libertarian, Levi began to see the importance of Catholic Social Teaching thanks to the work of, and dedicates his research to, Fr. Heinrich Pesch, SJ; Fr. Bernard Demsey, SJ; and Dr. Rupert Ederer. 

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